Icy Manipulator

Icy Manipulator {4}

{1}, {T}: Tap target artifact, creature, or land.
"The scavengers who first found it called it the 'Bone Crank.' Not a bad name, I'd say."
—Arcum Dagsson, Soldevi Machinist
  • Artist: Amy Weber
  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Collector Number: 36
  • Released: 2001-12-01
  • 2018-04-27 Once a player announces that they're casting a spell or activating an ability, no player may take other actions until the spell or ability has been paid for. Notably, other players can't try to tap that player's permanents to stop them from paying {T} or to stop them from producing enough mana.

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Foreign names
  • 寒冰操弄器
  • 寒冰操弄器
  • Eiskalter Manipulator
  • Manipulateur glacial
  • Manipolatore Glaciale
  • 氷の干渉器
  • 얼어붙은 조종기계
  • Manipulador Gélido
  • Ледяной Манипулятор
  • Manipulador gélido