Avacyn's Collar

Avacyn's Collar {1}

Artifact - Equipment
Equipped creature gets +1/+0 and has vigilance.
Whenever equipped creature dies, if it was a Human, create a 1/1 white Spirit creature token with flying.
Equip {2}
  • Artist: James Paick
  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Collector Number: 145
  • Released: 2012-02-03
  • 2011-01-22 The triggered ability checks whether the equipped creature as it last existed on the battlefield was a Human. (It doesn't matter what its creature types are in the graveyard.)
  • Dark Ascension (uncommon)

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Foreign names
  • 艾维欣颈环
  • 艾維欣頸環
  • Avacyns Kollier
  • Collier d'Avacyn
  • Collare di Avacyn
  • アヴァシンの首飾り
  • 아바신의 목걸이
  • Colar de Avacyn
  • Ошейник Авацины
  • Collar de Avacyn