Steam Augury

Steam Augury {2}{U}{R}

Reveal the top five cards of your library and separate them into two piles. An opponent chooses one of those piles. Put that pile into your hand and the other into your graveyard.
Keranos is a fickle god, delivering punishment as readily as prophecy.
  • Artist: Dave Kendall
  • Rarity: rare
  • Collector Number: 68
  • Released: 2014-09-05
  • 2013-09-15 Steam Augury doesn't target any opponent. In a multiplayer game, you choose the opponent as the spell resolves.
  • 2013-09-15 If one of the piles is empty, the opponent will choose whether to put the cards from the other pile into your hand or into your graveyard.

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Foreign names
  • 氲形预示
  • 氳形預示
  • Seherische Dämpfe
  • Augure de vapeur
  • Divinazione dal Vapore
  • 蒸気占い
  • 수증기 속의 미래
  • Augúrio Vaporoso
  • Гадание по Пару
  • Augurio de vapor