Aquamorph Entity

Aquamorph Entity {2}{U}{U}

Creature - Shapeshifter
As Aquamorph Entity enters the battlefield or is turned face up, it becomes your choice of 5/1 or 1/5.
Morph {2}{U}
  • Artist: Brian Despain
  • Rarity: common
  • Collector Number: 54
  • Released: 2014-09-05
  • 2007-02-01 The first ability is a replacement effect. The choice is made as Aquamorph Entity is turned face up (or enters the battlefield); it turns face up (or enters the battlefield) as a creature of that size. It doesn't become a 0/0 and then a creature of the chosen size.
  • 2007-02-01 If a creature enters the battlefield as a copy of a face-up Aquamorph Entity, or a Vesuvan Shapeshifter turns face up as a copy of one, the controller of the creature entering the battlefield gets to make the choice.
  • 2007-02-01 If a creature that's already on the battlefield becomes a copy of a face-up Aquamorph Entity, its power and toughness become the power and toughness that were chosen for the Entity.

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Foreign names
  • 澹变灵
  • Aquamorphes Etwas
  • Entité aquamorphe
  • Entità Acquamorfa
  • 水変化の精体
  • Entidade Aquamórfica
  • Водяной Оборотень
  • Entidad aquamórfica