Ballista Wielder
Ballista Watcher

Ballista Wielder

Creature - Werewolf
(Color indicator: Ballista Wielder is red)
{2}{R}: Ballista Wielder deals 1 damage to any target. A creature dealt damage this way can't block this turn.
Card has other part: Ballista Watcher
  • Artist: Tomas Duchek
  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Collector Number: 410b
  • Released: 2022-01-28
  • 2021-11-19 The activated abilities of Ballista Watcher and Ballista Wielder are completely independent of one another. For example, if you activate Ballista Watcher's ability targeting a creature and then it becomes night, the targeted creature can still block this turn. Conversely, if you resolve Ballista Wielder's ability targeting a creature, transforming it into Ballista Watcher won't allow the creature dealt damage this way to block.

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