The Mimeoplasm

The Mimeoplasm {2}{B}{G}{U}

Legendary Creature - Ooze
As The Mimeoplasm enters the battlefield, you may exile two creature cards from graveyards. If you do, it enters the battlefield as a copy of one of those cards with a number of additional +1/+1 counters on it equal to the power of the other card.
  • 2011-09-22 Specifically, if The Mimeoplasm enters the battlefield as a copy of a creature card that enters the battlefield with a number of +1/+1 counters, The Mimeoplasm will enter the battlefield with those +1/+1 counters and +1/+1 counters equal to the power of the other exiled card.
  • 2011-09-22 The two creature cards may come from the same graveyard or different graveyards.
  • 2011-09-22 Treat The Mimeoplasm as though it were the creature card it's copying entering the battlefield. Any "As [this card] enters the battlefield," "[This card] enters the battlefield with," and "When [this card] enters the battlefield" abilities of that creature card will work.
  • 2011-09-22 You can't choose to exile just one creature card.
  • 2011-09-22 You choose which one The Mimeoplasm is copying and which one determines how many +1/+1 counters are placed on The Mimeoplasm as The Mimeoplasm enters the battlefield.

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Foreign names
  • 拟生原浆
  • Das Mimeoplasma
  • Le Ronéoplasme
  • Il Mimoplasma
  • 擬態の原形質
  • El Mimeoplasma