Consecrate Land

Consecrate Land {W}

Enchantment - Aura
Enchant land
Enchanted land has indestructible and can't be enchanted by other Auras.
  • Artist: Jeff A. Menges
  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Collector Number: 15
  • Released: 1993-12-10
  • 2005-04-01 The land can be targeted by land-destroying spells and the spell will resolve, but the land will simply not be destroyed.
  • 2006-09-25 If Consecrate Land enters the battlefield attached to a land that's enchanted by other Auras, those Auras are put into their owners' graveyards.
  • 2013-07-01 A permanent with indestructible can't be destroyed, but it can still be sacrificed, exiled, put into a graveyard, and so on.

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Foreign names
  • 祝圣大地
  • Landweihe
  • Terrain consacré
  • Terra Consacrata
  • 土地の聖別
  • Consagrar Terreno
  • Освятить Землю
  • Consagrar la tierra