Gift of Doom

Gift of Doom {4}{B}

Enchantment - Aura
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature has deathtouch and indestructible.
Morph—Sacrifice another creature.
As Gift of Doom is turned face up, you may attach it to a creature.
  • Artist: James Zapata
  • Rarity: rare
  • Collector Number: 17
  • Released: 2019-08-23
  • 2019-08-23 You can't pay Gift of Doom's morph cost more than once.
  • 2019-08-23 No player may take any actions between the time you announce that you're turning Gift of Doom face up and the time it's attached to the chosen creature.
  • 2019-08-23 If there's no creature you can legally attach Gift of Doom to as you turn it face up, or if you choose not to attach it to a creature, it's put into its owner's graveyard.
  • 2019-08-23 This doesn't target the creature Gift of Doom will enchant, so an opponent's creature with hexproof or a creature with shroud may be chosen this way. The chosen recipient must be able to legally be enchanted by the Aura, so a creature with protection from black can't be chosen this way.
  • Commander 2019 (rare)

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Foreign names
  • Geschenk der Verdammnis
  • Don de destin
  • Dono della Sventura
  • 破滅の贈り物
  • Dádiva da Perdição
  • Роковой Дар
  • Don de la fatalidad