Den Protector

Den Protector {1}{G}

Creature - Human Warrior
Creatures with power less than Den Protector's power can't block it.
Megamorph {1}{G}
When Den Protector is turned face up, return target card from your graveyard to your hand.
  • Artist: Viktor Titov
  • Rarity: rare
  • Collector Number: 161
  • Released: 2019-08-23
  • 2015-02-25 You compare Den Protector's power to the power of any creature trying to block it only as blockers are assigned. Once Den Protector has been legally blocked by a creature, changing the power of either creature won't change or undo the block.
  • 2015-02-25 Turning a face-down creature with megamorph face up and putting a +1/+1 counter on it is a special action. It doesn't use the stack and can't be responded to.
  • 2015-02-25 If a face-down creature with megamorph is turned face up some other way (for example, if you manifest a card with megamorph and then pay its mana cost to turn it face up), you won't put a +1/+1 counter on it.
  • 2015-02-25 Megamorph is a variant of the morph ability. You can find more information on morph on cards with morph from the Khans of Tarkir set.

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Foreign names
  • 家园卫护人
  • 家園衛護人
  • Beschützerin des Baus
  • Protectrice de la tanière
  • Protettrice del Rifugio
  • 棲み家の防御者
  • 소굴 수호자
  • Protetor do Covil
  • Защитница Логова
  • Protectora de la guarida