Vanguard of Brimaz

Vanguard of Brimaz {W}{W}

Creature - Cat Soldier
Heroic — Whenever you cast a spell that targets Vanguard of Brimaz, create a 1/1 white Cat Soldier creature token with vigilance.
"The humans and their gods never blessed me. Only the pride deserves my allegiance."
  • 2013-09-15 Heroic abilities will resolve before the spell that caused them to trigger.
  • 2013-09-15 Heroic abilities will trigger only once per spell, even if that spell targets the creature with the heroic ability multiple times.
  • 2013-09-15 Heroic abilities won't trigger when a copy of a spell is created on the stack or when a spell's targets are changed to include a creature with a heroic ability.
  • The List (uncommon)
  • Born of the Gods (uncommon)

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Foreign names
  • 布黎玛先锋
  • 布里瑪先鋒
  • Brimaz' Vorhut
  • Avant-garde de Brimaz
  • Avanguardia di Brimaz
  • ブリマーズの先兵
  • 브리마즈 선봉대
  • Vanguarda de Brimaz
  • Авангард Бримаза
  • Vanguardia de Brimaz