Arcane Melee

Arcane Melee {4}{U}

Instant and sorcery spells cost {2} less to cast.
Debates between wizards are never purely academic.
  • Artist: Jaime Jones
  • Rarity: rare
  • Collector Number: 44
  • Released: 2012-05-04
  • 2012-05-01 Arcane Melee can't reduce the colored mana requirement of an instant or sorcery spell.
  • 2012-05-01 If there are additional costs to cast a spell, such as a kicker cost or a cost imposed by another effect (such as Thalia, Guardian of Thraben's ability), apply those increases before applying cost reductions.
  • 2012-05-01 Arcane Melee can reduce alternative costs such as miracle costs.
  • 2012-05-01 The cost to cast an instant or sorcery spell with one generic mana in its mana cost will be reduced by {1}. For example, an instant spell with a mana cost of {1}{G} would cost {G} to cast.

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Foreign names
  • 神秘搏战
  • 神神秘搏戰
  • Arkaner Nahkampf
  • Échauffourée ésotérique
  • Mischia Arcana
  • 秘儀の打ち合い
  • 마법사의 근접전
  • Embate Arcano
  • Поединок Магов
  • Reyerta arcana