Architects of Will

Architects of Will {2}{U}{B}

Artifact Creature - Human Wizard
When Architects of Will enters the battlefield, look at the top three cards of target player's library, then put them back in any order.
Cycling {U/B}
This secret society of mages manipulates the beliefs and opinions of others.
  • Artist: Matt Stewart
  • Rarity: common
  • Collector Number: 17
  • Released: 2009-04-30
  • 2008-10-01 Cycling is an activated ability. Effects that interact with activated abilities (such as Stifle or Rings of Brighthearth) will interact with cycling. Effects that interact with spells (such as Remove Soul or Faerie Tauntings) will not.

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Foreign names
  • 构念会
  • Architekten des Willens
  • Architectes de la Volonté
  • Architetti della Volontà
  • 意思切る者
  • Arquitetos do Arbítrio
  • Архитекторы Воли
  • Arquitectos de voluntad