Hail of Arrows

Hail of Arrows {X}{W}

Hail of Arrows deals X damage divided as you choose among any number of target attacking creatures.
"Do not let a single shaft loose until my word. And when I give that word, do not leave a single shaft in Eiganjo."
—General Takeno
  • 2005-06-01 You choose how the damage will be divided among the target creatures at the time you cast Hail of Arrows. Each target must be dealt at least 1 damage. If any of those creatures becomes an illegal target before Hail of Arrows resolves, the division of damage among the remaining creatures doesn't change.

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Foreign names
  • 箭如雨下
  • Pfeilhagel
  • Pluie de flèches
  • Salva di Frecce
  • 矢ぶすま
  • Saraivada de Flechas
  • Град Стрел
  • Lluvia de flechas