Scuttling Doom Engine

Scuttling Doom Engine {6}

Artifact Creature - Construct
Scuttling Doom Engine can't be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less.
When Scuttling Doom Engine dies, it deals 6 damage to target opponent or planeswalker.
A masterwork of spite, inspired by madness.
  • Artist: Filip Burburan
  • Rarity: rare
  • Collector Number: 219
  • Released: 2018-08-10
  • 2014-07-18 Once Scuttling Doom Engine has been blocked by a creature, reducing that creature's power to 2 or less won't change or undo that block.

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Foreign names
  • 疾步毁灭引擎
  • 疾步毀滅引擎
  • Krabbelnde Verschrottungsmaschine
  • Machine de mort galopante
  • Macchina Devastatrice Sferragliante
  • 小走り破滅エンジン
  • 덜컥거리는 파멸 엔진
  • Máquina da Destruição Ambulante
  • Стремительная Машина Смерти
  • Máquina de matar rastrera