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Moira Brown, Guide Author

Moira Brown, Guide Author {1}{R}{W}

Legendary Creature - Human Citizen
When Moira Brown, Guide Author enters the battlefield, create a colorless Equipment artifact token named Wasteland Survival Guide with "Equipped creature gets +1/+1 for each quest counter among permanents you control" and equip {1}.
Whenever you attack, put a quest counter on target nonland permanent you control.
Related card: Wasteland
  • Artist: Campbell White
  • Collector Number: 110
  • Available foil and nonfoil
  • Frame Effects: legendary
  • Promo: boosterfun
  • Rarity: rare
  • Released: 2024-03-08
  • Set: Fallout
  • Stamp: triangle

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Foreign names
  • 指南作者莫伊拉·布朗
  • ガイドの著者、モイラ・ブラウン