The List (Unfinity Foil Edition)

The List (Unfinity Foil Edition) contains 62 cards.
Released: 2022-10-07
Base set size: 62 cards.
By Gnome Means

By Gnome Means {2}{W}

{1}{W}, Remove a counter from a permanent you control: Create a 1/1 colorless Gnome artifact creature token.
{1}{W}, Sacrifice an artifact: Choose any kind of counter a printed card refers to, then put one of that counter on target permanent.
There's no race like gnome.
Do-It-Yourself Seraph

Do-It-Yourself Seraph {4}{W}{W}

Artifact Creature - Cyborg Angel
Whenever Do-It-Yourself Seraph attacks, you may search your library for an artifact card, exile it, then shuffle.
Do-It-Yourself Seraph has the text box of each card exiled with Do-It-Yourself Seraph in addition to its own.
Flavor Judge

Flavor Judge {1}{W}

Creature - Bird Advisor
{T}: Choose target spell or ability that targets a permanent you control. Then ask a person outside the game if the story of what will happen makes sense. If they say no, sacrifice Flavor Judge and counter that spell or ability.
"...and now they're trying to make a brick wall on my property fight a dinosaur to the death."
Frankie Peanuts

Frankie Peanuts {2}{W}{W}

Legendary Creature - Elephant Rogue
At the beginning of your upkeep, you may ask target player a yes-or-no question. If you do, that player answers the question truthfully and abides by that answer if able until end of turn.
Don't cross him or you'll end up sleeping with the merfolk.

Jackknight {1}{W}

Artifact Creature - Cyborg Knight
Whenever another artifact enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on Jackknight. If that artifact is a Contraption, Jackknight gains lifelink until end of turn.
"My sword is at your service, as are my scissors, corkscrew, and bottle opener."
Oddly Uneven

Oddly Uneven {3}{W}{W}

Choose one —
• Destroy each creature with an odd number of words in its name. (Hyphenated words are one word.)
• Destroy each creature with an even number of words in its name.
The odds are good, but the goods are odd.
Rules Lawyer

Rules Lawyer {3}{W}{W}

Artifact Creature - Cyborg Advisor
State-based actions don't apply to you or other permanents you control. (You don't lose the game due to having 0 or less life or drawing from an empty library. Your creatures aren't destroyed due to damage or deathtouch and aren't put into a graveyard due to having 0 or less toughness. Your planeswalkers aren't put into a graveyard if they have 0 loyalty. You don't put a legendary permanent into a graveyard if you control two with the same name. Counters aren't removed from your permanents due to game rules. Permanents you control attached or combined illegally remain on the battlefield. For complete rules and regulations, see rule 704.)
Staying Power

Staying Power {2}{W}

"Until end of turn" and "this turn" effects don't end.
Mongo's fleas no longer bothered him. But the family of goblins that had moved in behind his left ear was starting to get really irritating.
Syr Cadian, Knight Owl

Syr Cadian, Knight Owl {3}{W}{W}

Legendary Creature - Bird Knight
Knightlifelink (Damage dealt by Knights you control also causes you to gain that much life.)
{W}: Syr Cadian, Knight Owl gains vigilance until end of turn. Activate only from sunrise to sunset.
{B}: Syr Cadian, Knight Owl gains flying until end of turn. Activate only from sunset to sunrise.
Alexander Clamilton

Alexander Clamilton {2}{U}

Legendary Creature - Clamfolk Advisor Rebel
Whenever you cast a wordy spell, scry 2. (A spell is wordy if it has four or more lines of rules text.)
{1}{R}, {T}: Choose target creature you don't control. Reveal the top card of your library. Alexander Clamilton gets +X/+0 until end of turn, where X is the number of lines of rules text of the revealed card. Alexander Clamilton fights that creature.
Animate Library

Animate Library {4}{U}{U}

Enchantment - Aura
Enchant your library
Enchanted library is an artifact creature on the battlefield with power and toughness each equal to the number of cards in it. It's still a library.
If enchanted library would leave the battlefield, exile Animate Library instead.
Sometimes the books hit back.
Avatar of Me

Avatar of Me {2}{U}{U}

Creature - Avatar
This spell costs {1} more to cast for each ten years you've been alive.
Avatar of Me's power is equal to your height in feet and its toughness is equal to your American shoe size. Round to the nearest ½.
Avatar of Me is the color of your eyes.
B.O.B. (Bevy of Beebles)

B.O.B. (Bevy of Beebles) {3}{U}{U}

Legendary Planeswalker - B.O.B.
As B.O.B. enters the battlefield, create four 1/1 blue Beeble creature tokens.
The number of loyalty counters on B.O.B. is equal to the number of Beebles you control. (Create or sacrifice Beebles whenever B.O.B. gains or loses loyalty.)
[+1]: Up to X target Beebles can't be blocked this turn, where X is the number of cards in your hand.
[–1]: Draw a card.

Clocknapper {3}{U}{U}

Creature - Human Spy
When Clocknapper enters the battlefield, choose beginning phase, precombat main phase, combat phase, postcombat main phase, or ending phase. Steal that phase from target player during their next turn. (That phase occurs as though it's your turn instead.)
Graveyard Busybody

Graveyard Busybody {4}{U}{U}

Creature - Human Spy
All graveyards are also your graveyards.
Graveyard Busybody's power and toughness are each equal to the number of cards with flavor text in your graveyards.
You have to hang around the graveyard if you want to catch the talking dead.
Incite Insight

Incite Insight {X}{U}{U}

Assemble X Contraptions. (To assemble a Contraption, put the top card of your Contraption deck face up onto one of your sprockets.)
After a hundred failed patent applications, Cornelian was stunned to find that no one had ever created a steam-powered autonomous ice cream delivery system. He immediately designed a gnome with scoops for hands.
Richard Garfield, Ph.D.

Richard Garfield, Ph.D. {3}{U}{U}

Legendary Creature - Human Designer
You may play cards as though they were other cards of your choice with the same mana cost. You can't choose the same card twice. (Mana cost includes color.)
And yea he doth spake: "Let there be Magic."
Acornelia, Fashionable Filcher

Acornelia, Fashionable Filcher {3}{B}

Legendary Creature - Squirrel
Whenever you cast a spell with a squirrel in its art, you get {A} (an acorn counter).
Whenever a Squirrel you control enters the battlefield or dies, you get {A}.
{2}{B}, Pay X {A}: Target creature gets -X/-X until end of turn.
{G}, Pay X {A}: Target creature gets +X/+X until end of turn.
Enter the Dungeon

Enter the Dungeon {B}{B}

Players play a Magic subgame under the table, starting at 5 life and using their libraries as their decks. The winner searches their library for two cards, puts those cards into their hand, then shuffles.
Infernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of Evil

Infernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of Evil {8}{B}{B}

Creature - Demon Child
Flying, first strike, trample
Once each turn, while you're searching your library, you may pay {1}{B}, reveal Infernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of Evil from your library and say "I'm coming, too!" If you do, Infernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of Evil deals 2 damage to a player of your choice.
Infernius Spawnington III, Esq.

Infernius Spawnington III, Esq. {10}{B}

Creature - Demon Beast Grandchild
Flying, first strike, trample, haste
This spell costs {3} less to cast for each card you've revealed this turn.
When Infernius Spawnington III, Esq. enters the battlefield, you may say "I'm here." If you do, it deals 3 damage to target player.
See evil, hear evil, speak evil.
Masterful Ninja

Masterful Ninja {2}{B}

Creature - Troll Ninja
Reveal Masterful Ninja from your hand: Masterful Ninja is on the battlefield and in your hand until end of turn.
{1}{B}: Masterful Ninja gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
Over My Dead Bodies

Over My Dead Bodies {4}{B}{B}

Creature cards in graveyards can attack and block as though they were on the battlefield, can block or be blocked only by creature cards in graveyards, are Zombies in addition to their other types, and have undeathtouch. (If they would deal damage to a creature card, exile that creature card instead.)
Creature cards in your graveyard have haste.
Spike, Tournament Grinder

Spike, Tournament Grinder {2}{B/P}{B/P}

Legendary Creature - Human Gamer
({B/P} can be paid with either {B} or 2 life.)
{B/P}{B/P}{B/P}{B/P}: Reveal a card you own from outside the game that has been banned or restricted in a Constructed format and put it into your hand.
"Just wait—I have a response."
Summon the Pack

Summon the Pack {7}{B}

Open a sealed Magic booster pack, reveal the cards, and put all creature cards revealed this way onto the battlefield under your control. They're Zombies in addition to their other types. (Remove those cards from your deck before beginning a new game.)