Multiverse Legends

Multiverse Legends contains 261 cards.
Released: 2023-04-21
Base set size: 261 cards.
Radha, Coalition Warlord (Alchemy)

Radha, Coalition Warlord (Alchemy) {1}{R}{G}

Legendary Creature - Elf Warrior
Domain — Whenever Radha, Coalition Warlord enters the battlefield or becomes tapped, another target creature you control gets +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the number of basic land types among lands you control.
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Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit

Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit {W}{W}

Legendary Creature - Spirit Soldier
Whenever another nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, bolster 1.
The Machine Legion coveted her strength, but a spirit of sand, sun, and memory could never be compleated.
Daxos, Blessed by the Sun

Daxos, Blessed by the Sun {W}{W}

Legendary Enchantment Creature - Demigod
Daxos's toughness is equal to your devotion to white.
Whenever another creature you control enters the battlefield or dies, you gain 1 life.
Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite {5}{W}{W}

Legendary Creature - Phyrexian Praetor
Other creatures you control get +2/+2.
Creatures your opponents control get -2/-2.
"Rejoice, blessed evangels! The glorious light of compleation is nigh. Soon, we shall awaken the Multiverse from its slumber."
Kenrith, the Returned King

Kenrith, the Returned King {4}{W}

Legendary Creature - Human Noble
{R}: All creatures gain trample and haste until end of turn.
{1}{G}: Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature.
{2}{W}: Target player gains 5 life.
{3}{U}: Target player draws a card.
{4}{B}: Put target creature card from a graveyard onto the battlefield under its owner's control.
Kwende, Pride of Femeref

Kwende, Pride of Femeref {3}{W}

Legendary Creature - Human Knight
Double strike
Creatures you control with first strike have double strike.
"His blades were the ultimate agents of transformation. All Phyrexians who met them were transformed into pieces."
—Heroes of the Second Invasion
Sram, Senior Edificer

Sram, Senior Edificer {1}{W}

Legendary Creature - Dwarf Advisor
Whenever you cast an Aura, Equipment, or Vehicle spell, draw a card.
"Always have the right tool for the job, especially if the job is blasting Phyrexians in the face."
—Monument inscription
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben {1}{W}

Legendary Creature - Human Soldier
First strike
Noncreature spells cost {1} more to cast.
No stranger to monstrous foes, Thalia marshaled surviving cathars, townspeople, and even ghoulcallers into an unbreakable fighting force.
Baral, Chief of Compliance

Baral, Chief of Compliance {1}{U}

Legendary Creature - Human Wizard
Instant and sorcery spells you cast cost {1} less to cast.
Whenever a spell or ability you control counters a spell, you may draw a card. If you do, discard a card.
In light of his zealous defense of Kaladesh, the Consulate was willing to overlook any previous transgressions.
Emry, Lurker of the Loch

Emry, Lurker of the Loch {2}{U}

Legendary Creature - Merfolk Wizard
This spell costs {1} less to cast for each artifact you control.
When Emry, Lurker of the Loch enters the battlefield, mill four cards.
{T}: Choose target artifact card in your graveyard. You may cast that card this turn.
Inga Rune-Eyes

Inga Rune-Eyes {3}{U}

Legendary Creature - Human Wizard
When Inga Rune-Eyes enters the battlefield, scry 3.
When Inga Rune-Eyes dies, draw three cards if three or more creatures died this turn.
Her fleet bore countless survivors to safety, slipping swiftly through strange currents no Phyrexian could track.
Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur

Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur {8}{U}{U}

Legendary Creature - Phyrexian Praetor
At the beginning of your end step, draw seven cards.
Each opponent's maximum hand size is reduced by seven.
His knowledge of the Multiverse enabled New Phyrexia to strike each plane with surgical precision.
Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive

Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive {1}{U}

Legendary Creature - Human Rogue
Creatures you control with power or toughness 1 or less can't be blocked.
"Her talent for slipping unseen behind enemy lines provided information that would prove crucial to Dominaria's defense."
—Heroes of the Second Invasion
Ayara, First of Locthwain

Ayara, First of Locthwain {B}{B}{B}

Legendary Creature - Elf Noble
Whenever Ayara, First of Locthwain or another black creature enters the battlefield under your control, each opponent loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.
{T}, Sacrifice another black creature: Draw a card.
Horobi, Death's Wail

Horobi, Death's Wail {2}{B}{B}

Legendary Creature - Spirit
Whenever a creature becomes the target of a spell or ability, destroy that creature.
"Wherever it went, death came to Phyrexians and Kamigawans alike."
—Records of the Living Historians
Seizan, Perverter of Truth

Seizan, Perverter of Truth {3}{B}{B}

Legendary Creature - Demon Spirit
At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player loses 2 life and draws two cards.
"In its hatred for the mortal realms, it fought on the side of the invaders, heedless of its own eventual fate."
—Records of the Living Historians
Sheoldred, Whispering One

Sheoldred, Whispering One {5}{B}{B}

Legendary Creature - Phyrexian Praetor
At the beginning of your upkeep, return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield.
At the beginning of each opponent's upkeep, that player sacrifices a creature.
Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon

Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon {3}{B}{B}

Legendary Creature - Phyrexian Dragon Skeleton
{B}: Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon gains haste until end of turn.
{B}{B}: Regenerate Skithiryx.
Tymaret, Chosen from Death

Tymaret, Chosen from Death {B}{B}

Legendary Enchantment Creature - Demigod
Tymaret's toughness is equal to your devotion to black.
{1}{B}: Exile up to two target cards from graveyards. You gain 1 life for each creature card exiled this way.
Yargle, Glutton of Urborg

Yargle, Glutton of Urborg {4}{B}

Legendary Creature - Frog Spirit
Consuming even a single drop of the oil would spell doom for most living things. But Yargle was not most living things, and he ate enough to clean up most of Urborg.
Captain Lannery Storm

Captain Lannery Storm {2}{R}

Legendary Creature - Human Pirate
Whenever Captain Lannery Storm attacks, create a Treasure token.
Whenever you sacrifice a Treasure, Captain Lannery Storm gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer

Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer {R}

Legendary Creature - Monkey Pirate
Whenever Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer deals combat damage to a player, create a Treasure token and exile the top card of that player's library. Until end of turn, you may cast that card.
Dash {1}{R}
Squee, the Immortal

Squee, the Immortal {1}{R}{R}

Legendary Creature - Goblin
You may cast Squee, the Immortal from your graveyard or from exile.
Squee had never wanted to be a king or a symbol of defiance against Phyrexians. Naturally, he found himself as both.
—Heroes of the Second Invasion
Urabrask the Hidden

Urabrask the Hidden {3}{R}{R}

Legendary Creature - Phyrexian Praetor
Creatures you control have haste.
Creatures your opponents control enter the battlefield tapped.
While the other praetors eagerly prepared for invasion, Urabrask retreated to the Furnace Layer, defying Elesh Norn's commands.
Valduk, Keeper of the Flame

Valduk, Keeper of the Flame {2}{R}

Legendary Creature - Human Shaman
At the beginning of combat on your turn, for each Aura and Equipment attached to Valduk, Keeper of the Flame, create a 3/1 red Elemental creature token with trample and haste. Exile those tokens at the beginning of the next end step.