Legions contains 145 cards.
It is part of Onslaught block.
Released: 2003-02-03
Base set size: 145 cards.
Infernal Caretaker

Infernal Caretaker {3}{B}

Creature - Human Cleric
Morph {3}{B}
When Infernal Caretaker is turned face up, return all Zombie cards from all graveyards to their owners' hands.
Noxious Ghoul

Noxious Ghoul {3}{B}{B}

Creature - Zombie
Whenever Noxious Ghoul or another Zombie enters the battlefield, all non-Zombie creatures get -1/-1 until end of turn.
Plague and death wrapped in one convenient package.
Phage the Untouchable

Phage the Untouchable {3}{B}{B}{B}{B}

Legendary Creature - Avatar Minion
When Phage the Untouchable enters the battlefield, if you didn't cast it from your hand, you lose the game.
Whenever Phage deals combat damage to a creature, destroy that creature. It can't be regenerated.
Whenever Phage deals combat damage to a player, that player loses the game.
Scion of Darkness

Scion of Darkness {5}{B}{B}{B}

Creature - Avatar
Whenever Scion of Darkness deals combat damage to a player, you may put target creature card from that player's graveyard onto the battlefield under your control.
Cycling {3}
Related card: Dark Supplicant

Skinthinner {1}{B}

Creature - Zombie
Morph {3}{B}{B}
When Skinthinner is turned face up, destroy target nonblack creature. It can't be regenerated.
Smokespew Invoker

Smokespew Invoker {2}{B}

Creature - Zombie Mutant
{7}{B}: Target creature gets -3/-3 until end of turn.
The Mirari festers in its flesh.
Sootfeather Flock

Sootfeather Flock {4}{B}

Creature - Bird
Morph {3}{B}
They pick at the remains of the city's corpse.
Spectral Sliver

Spectral Sliver {2}{B}

Creature - Sliver Spirit
All Sliver creatures have "{2}: This creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn."
"Sure, I've seen agents of the Cabal here and there. Well, not here, and certainly not in any of the sliver labs. Oh dear, I've said too much."
—Apprentice researcher
Toxin Sliver

Toxin Sliver {3}{B}

Creature - Sliver
Whenever a Sliver deals combat damage to a creature, destroy that creature. It can't be regenerated.
It doesn't need to use its venom—it just needs you to know it can.
Vile Deacon

Vile Deacon {2}{B}{B}

Creature - Human Cleric
Whenever Vile Deacon attacks, it gets +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the number of Clerics on the battlefield.
"The Cabal and the Order really aren't that different. After all, we are both empowered by faith."
Withered Wretch

Withered Wretch {B}{B}

Creature - Zombie Cleric
{1}: Exile target card from a graveyard.
Once it consecrated the dead. Now it desecrates them.
Zombie Brute

Zombie Brute {6}{B}

Creature - Zombie
Amplify 1
Measure its determination by the screams of its prey.
Blade Sliver

Blade Sliver {2}{R}

Creature - Sliver
All Sliver creatures get +1/+0.
After breaking free from the Riptide Project, the slivers quickly adapted to life on Otaria—much to the dismay of life on Otaria.
Bloodstoke Howler

Bloodstoke Howler {5}{R}

Creature - Beast
Morph {6}{R}
When Bloodstoke Howler is turned face up, Beast creatures you control get +3/+0 until end of turn.

Clickslither {1}{R}{R}{R}

Creature - Insect
Sacrifice a Goblin: Clickslither gets +2/+2 and gains trample until end of turn.
The least popular goblins get the outer caves.
Crested Craghorn

Crested Craghorn {4}{R}

Creature - Goat Beast
"Craghorns experience a wide range of emotions: rage, fury, anger . . ."
—Foothill guide
Flamewave Invoker

Flamewave Invoker {2}{R}

Creature - Goblin Mutant
{7}{R}: Flamewave Invoker deals 5 damage to target player or planeswalker.
The Mirari burns in his heart.
Frenetic Raptor

Frenetic Raptor {5}{R}

Creature - Dinosaur Beast
Beasts can't block.
"How do you stop a raptor from charging? No, seriously! Help!"
—Blarg, goblin jester
Gempalm Incinerator

Gempalm Incinerator {2}{R}

Creature - Goblin
Cycling {1}{R}
When you cycle Gempalm Incinerator, you may have it deal X damage to target creature, where X is the number of Goblins on the battlefield.
Goblin Assassin

Goblin Assassin {3}{R}{R}

Creature - Goblin Assassin
Whenever Goblin Assassin or another Goblin enters the battlefield, each player flips a coin. Each player whose coin comes up tails sacrifices a creature.
The more victims he kills, the more likely he is to get the right one.
Goblin Clearcutter

Goblin Clearcutter {3}{R}

Creature - Goblin
{T}, Sacrifice a Forest: Add three mana in any combination of {R} and/or {G}.
"Did you know that wood burns even better than rocks?"
—Toggo, goblin weaponsmith
Goblin Dynamo

Goblin Dynamo {5}{R}{R}

Creature - Goblin Mutant
{T}: Goblin Dynamo deals 1 damage to any target.
{X}{R}, {T}, Sacrifice Goblin Dynamo: It deals X damage to any target.
Goblin Firebug

Goblin Firebug {1}{R}

Creature - Goblin
When Goblin Firebug leaves the battlefield, sacrifice a land.
Most goblins leave behind a wake of destruction. A few goblins take one with them.
Goblin Goon

Goblin Goon {3}{R}

Creature - Goblin Mutant
Goblin Goon can't attack unless you control more creatures than defending player.
Goblin Goon can't block unless you control more creatures than attacking player.
Giant-sized body. Goblin-sized brain.
Goblin Grappler

Goblin Grappler {R}

Creature - Goblin
Daru soldiers learned it's better to have a clean death from a sharp blade than to tangle with a goblin's rusted chains.