Judge Gift Cards 2007

Judge Gift Cards 2007 contains 5 cards.
Released: 2007-01-01
Base set size: 5 cards.
Ravenous Baloth

Ravenous Baloth {2}{G}{G}

Creature - Beast
Sacrifice a Beast: You gain 4 life.
"All we know about the Krosan Forest we have learned from those few who made it out alive."
—Elvish refugee
Cunning Wish

Cunning Wish {2}{U}

You may reveal an instant card you own from outside the game and put it into your hand. Exile Cunning Wish.
The foolish wish for that which they desire. The cunning wish for that which they require.
Yawgmoth's Will

Yawgmoth's Will {2}{B}

Until end of turn, you may play lands and cast spells from your graveyard.
If a card would be put into your graveyard from anywhere this turn, exile that card instead.

Vindicate {1}{W}{B}

Destroy target permanent.
Some convictions are so strong that the world must break to accommodate them.
Decree of Justice

Decree of Justice {X}{X}{2}{W}{W}

Create X 4/4 white Angel creature tokens with flying.
Cycling {2}{W}
When you cycle Decree of Justice, you may pay {X}. If you do, create X 1/1 white Soldier creature tokens.