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Null Rod

Null Rod {2}

Activated abilities of artifacts can't be activated.
Gerrard: "But it doesn't do anything!"
Hanna: "No—it does nothing."
Chronatog Avatar

Chronatog Avatar

You have no maximum hand size.
{0}: Draw three cards. You skip your next turn. Activate this ability only once each turn.
Hand size bonus: -1
Life bonus: +1
  • Magic Online Avatars
Gaea's Skyfolk

Gaea's Skyfolk {G}{U}

Creature - Elf Merfolk
The grace of the forest and the spirit of the sea.
  • Apocalypse

Wallop {1}{G}

Destroy target blue or black creature with flying.
In Yavimaya, flying low to join a battle can be a costly mistake.
  • Invasion
Kyscu Drake

Kyscu Drake {3}{G}

Creature - Drake
{G}: Kyscu Drake gets +0/+1 until end of turn. Activate this ability only once each turn.
Sacrifice Kyscu Drake and a creature named Spitting Drake: Search your library for a card named Viashivan Dragon and put that card onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.
Related cards: Spitting Drake Viashivan Dragon
  • Visions
Elvish Pathcutter

Elvish Pathcutter {3}{G}

Creature - Elf Scout
{2}{G}: Target Elf creature gains forestwalk until end of turn.
In harsh times, the strongest currency is cooperation.
  • Onslaught
Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare {1}{U}{U}

Target opponent chooses one —
• Truth — That player plays with their hand revealed for the rest of the game.
• Dare — Mill all but the bottom ten cards of that player's library. (To mill, put the top card of that library into its owner's graveyard.)
  • Mystery Booster Playtest Cards
Loyal Apprentice

Loyal Apprentice {1}{R}

Creature - Human Artificer
Lieutenant — At the beginning of combat on your turn, if you control your commander, create a 1/1 colorless Thopter artifact creature token with flying. That token gains haste until end of turn.
Those with knowledge are wise to listen to those with imagination.
Dimir Doppelganger

Dimir Doppelganger {1}{U}{B}

Creature - Shapeshifter
{1}{U}{B}: Exile target creature card from a graveyard. Dimir Doppelganger becomes a copy of that card, except it has this ability.
"Fear not. Your life will not go unlived."
Skysovereign, Consul Flagship

Skysovereign, Consul Flagship {5}

Legendary Artifact - Vehicle
Whenever Skysovereign, Consul Flagship enters the battlefield or attacks, it deals 3 damage to target creature or planeswalker an opponent controls.
Crew 3
Dimir Cluestone

Dimir Cluestone {3}

{T}: Add {U} or {B}.
{U}{B}, {T}, Sacrifice Dimir Cluestone: Draw a card.
It waits in the chill of the undercity, holding nameless secrets for those who dare to touch it.
  • Dragon's Maze

Bloodtracker {3}{B}

Creature - Vampire Wizard
{B}, Pay 2 life: Put a +1/+1 counter on Bloodtracker.
When Bloodtracker leaves the battlefield, draw a card for each +1/+1 counter on it.
"Flee all you like. The further you run the more firmly I feel your heartbeat."
Orzhov Pontiff

Orzhov Pontiff {1}{W}{B}

Creature - Human Cleric
When Orzhov Pontiff enters the battlefield or the creature it haunts dies, choose one —
• Creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn.
• Creatures you don't control get -1/-1 until end of turn.
Volcanic Hammer

Volcanic Hammer {1}{R}

Volcanic Hammer deals 3 damage to any target.
Fire finds its form in the heat of the forge.

Ragamuffyn {2}{B}

Creature - Zombie Cleric
Hellbent{T}, Sacrifice a creature or land: Draw a card. Activate this ability only if you have no cards in hand.
They cut the stitches and give her sips of her brew. Then they sew her up again, and she's back to stirring.
  • Dissension
Silverquill Command

Silverquill Command {2}{W}{B}

Choose two —
• Target creature gets +3/+3 and gains flying until end of turn.
• Return target creature card with mana value 2 or less from your graveyard to the battlefield.
• Target player draws a card and loses 1 life.
• Target opponent sacrifices a creature.
  • Strixhaven: School of Mages 232 352
Feast of Dreams

Feast of Dreams {1}{B}

Destroy target enchanted creature or enchantment creature.
"We gave the gods the power to war against us. It is time we took that power back."
  • Journey into Nyx
Managorger Hydra

Managorger Hydra {2}{G}

Creature - Hydra
Whenever a player casts a spell, put a +1/+1 counter on Managorger Hydra.
Elvish Archers

Elvish Archers {1}{G}

Creature - Elf Archer
First strike
The archers have a reputation for attacking without warning. They claim that the first arrow is the warning.
Creeping Corrosion

Creeping Corrosion {2}{G}{G}

Destroy all artifacts.
"We will reveal the futility of their heresy by showing them how fragile their relics are."
—Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger
  • Mirrodin Besieged
Sunbeam Spellbomb

Sunbeam Spellbomb {1}

{W}, Sacrifice Sunbeam Spellbomb: You gain 5 life.
{1}, Sacrifice Sunbeam Spellbomb: Draw a card.
"Cure that which was never ill."
—Spellbomb inscription
  • Mirrodin
Rotting Regisaur

Rotting Regisaur {2}{B}

Creature - Zombie Dinosaur
At the beginning of your upkeep, discard a card.
"Now, that's a zombie!"
—Modriss of Zargoth Fen
  • Core Set 2020 Promos 111p 111s
  • Core Set 2020
Elfhame Sanctuary

Elfhame Sanctuary {1}{G}

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may search your library for a basic land card, reveal that card, and put it into your hand. If you do, you skip your draw step this turn and shuffle your library.
  • Invasion
Yellow Scarves General

Yellow Scarves General {3}{R}

Creature - Human Soldier
Yellow Scarves General can't block.
Zhang Jue, leader of the Yellow Scarves rebellion, was a Taoist master and tutored his soldiers in those arts.
  • Portal Three Kingdoms
Ancient Stone Idol

Ancient Stone Idol {10}

Artifact Creature - Golem
This spell costs {1} less to cast for each attacking creature.
When Ancient Stone Idol dies, create a 6/12 colorless Construct artifact creature token with trample.