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Goblin Secret Agent

Goblin Secret Agent {2}{R}

Creature - Goblin Rogue
First strike
At the beginning of your upkeep, reveal a card from your hand at random.
  • Unhinged
Goblin Settler

Goblin Settler {3}{R}

Creature - Goblin
When Goblin Settler enters the battlefield, destroy target land.
Be it ever so crumbled, there's no place like home.
Goblin Sharpshooter

Goblin Sharpshooter {2}{R}

Creature - Goblin
Goblin Sharpshooter doesn't untap during your untap step.
Whenever a creature dies, untap Goblin Sharpshooter.
{T}: Goblin Sharpshooter deals 1 damage to any target.
"Gunner" can't hear you over the sound of his swagger.
Goblin Sky Raider

Goblin Sky Raider {2}{R}

Creature - Goblin Warrior
The goblin word for "flying" is more accurately translated as "falling slowly."
Goblin Sledder

Goblin Sledder {R}

Creature - Goblin
Sacrifice a Goblin: Target creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
"Let's play 'sled.' Here's how it works: you're the sled."
Goblin Smuggler

Goblin Smuggler {2}{R}

Creature - Goblin Rogue
{T}: Another target creature with power 2 or less can't be blocked this turn.
"I am but a humble traveler. I have no taste for sneakery nor thiefiness."
  • Core Set 2020
Goblin Snowman

Goblin Snowman {3}{R}

Creature - Goblin
Whenever Goblin Snowman blocks, prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to and dealt by it this turn.
{T}: Goblin Snowman deals 1 damage to target creature it's blocking.
Goblin Soothsayer

Goblin Soothsayer {R}

Creature - Goblin Shaman
{R}, {T}, Sacrifice a Goblin: Red creatures get +1/+1 until end of turn.
"I see a great victory and rivers of blood. And . . . hmm, looks like a spleen."
—Grishnak, goblin soothsayer
  • Mirage
Goblin Spelunkers

Goblin Spelunkers {2}{R}

Creature - Goblin Warrior
Chimney sweeps, explorers of abandoned buildings, spire climbers . . . goblin spelunkers have found countless niches within Ravnica's metropolis.
Goblin Spy

Goblin Spy {R}

Creature - Goblin Rogue
Play with the top card of your library revealed.
"Isn't he on our side?"
"Why's he spyin' on us?"
"Don't ask."
  • Invasion
Goblin Spymaster

Goblin Spymaster {2}{R}

Creature - Goblin Rogue
First strike
At the beginning of each opponent's end step, that player creates a 1/1 red Goblin creature token with "Creatures you control attack each combat if able."
"Infiltrate and infuriate!"
—Goblin Espionage League motto
Goblin Swine-Rider

Goblin Swine-Rider {R}

Creature - Goblin
Whenever Goblin Swine-Rider becomes blocked, it deals 2 damage to each attacking creature and each blocking creature.
"May you get the mount you deserve."
—Suq'Ata curse
  • Visions
Goblin Taskmaster

Goblin Taskmaster {R}

Creature - Goblin
{1}{R}: Target Goblin creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
Morph {R}
For some reason, goblin fighting school isn't as crowded on day two.
Goblin Test Pilot

Goblin Test Pilot {1}{U}{R}

Creature - Goblin Pilot Wizard
{T}: Goblin Test Pilot deals 2 damage to any target chosen at random.
"All pilots and prototypes destroyed. Extensive collateral damage inflicted. Conclusion: flawless design."
—Manual of Melek
  • Dragon's Maze
Goblin Traprunner

Goblin Traprunner {3}{R}

Creature - Goblin
Whenever Goblin Traprunner attacks, flip three coins. For each flip you win, create a 1/1 red Goblin creature token that's tapped and attacking.
The best traprunners know exactly where to step. The others . . . do their best.
  • Modern Horizons 2
Goblin Trashmaster

Goblin Trashmaster {2}{R}{R}

Creature - Goblin Warrior
Other Goblins you control get +1/+1.
Sacrifice a Goblin: Destroy target artifact.
"Folks 'round here are too in love with their contraptions. Does them some good if we smash one every so often."
Goblin Vandal

Goblin Vandal {R}

Creature - Goblin Rogue
Whenever Goblin Vandal attacks and isn't blocked, you may pay {R}. If you do, destroy target artifact defending player controls and Goblin Vandal assigns no combat damage this turn.
Goblin Warchief

Goblin Warchief {1}{R}{R}

Creature - Goblin Warrior
Goblin spells you cast cost {1} less to cast.
Goblins you control have haste.
Not since the days of Pashalik Mons have the Rundvelt goblins been so united or effective.
Goblin Welder

Goblin Welder {R}

Creature - Goblin Artificer
{T}: Choose target artifact a player controls and target artifact card in that player's graveyard. If both targets are still legal as this ability resolves, that player simultaneously sacrifices the artifact and returns the artifact card to the battlefield.
"I wrecked your metal guy, boss. But look! I made you an ashtray."
Goblin Wizard

Goblin Wizard {2}{R}{R}

Creature - Goblin Wizard
{T}: You may put a Goblin permanent card from your hand onto the battlefield.
{R}: Target Goblin gains protection from white until end of turn.
Goblins of the Flarg

Goblins of the Flarg {R}

Creature - Goblin Warrior
When you control a Dwarf, sacrifice Goblins of the Flarg.
Grenzo's Ruffians

Grenzo's Ruffians {2}{R}{R}

Creature - Goblin
Whenever Grenzo's Ruffians deals combat damage to an opponent, it deals that much damage to each other opponent.
  • Conspiracy: Take the Crown
Grotag Night-Runner

Grotag Night-Runner {2}{R}

Creature - Goblin Rogue
Whenever Grotag Night-Runner deals combat damage to a player, exile the top card of your library. You may play that card this turn.
Naturally inquisitive and adaptable, goblins can turn their small stature to their advantage as rogues.
  • Zendikar Rising
Grumgully, the Generous

Grumgully, the Generous {1}{R}{G}

Legendary Creature - Goblin Shaman
Each other non-Human creature you control enters the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter on it.
"Does it matter what it is? Take it and be grateful!"
  • Throne of Eldraine

Guttersnipe {2}{R}

Creature - Goblin Shaman
Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, Guttersnipe deals 2 damage to each opponent.
"I found a new toy. Wanna play?"