Hamletback Goliath

Hamletback Goliath {6}{R}

Creature - Giant Warrior
Whenever another creature enters the battlefield, you may put X +1/+1 counters on Hamletback Goliath, where X is that creature's power.
"If you live on a giant's back, there's only one individual you'll ever need to fear."
—Gaddock Teeg
  • 2012-07-01 The value of X is determined as the ability begins resolving. If the other creature is no longer on the battlefield, its last known existence on the battlefield is checked to determine its power.

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Foreign names
  • 驮村巨人
  • 馱村巨人
  • Häuserschleppender Goliath
  • Goliath dos-ménil
  • Golia Borgogibboso
  • 村背負いの大巨人
  • 마을을 짊어진 거인
  • Golias Dorsovila
  • Чудо-Юдо Великан
  • Goliat espalda de chozas