Goblin Game

Goblin Game {5}{R}{R}

Each player hides at least one item, then all players reveal them simultaneously. Each player loses life equal to the number of items they revealed. The player who revealed the fewest items then loses half their life, rounded up. If two or more players are tied for fewest, each loses half their life, rounded up.
  • 2004-10-04 When it comes to choice of items, use common sense. Items should be small enough to hide but large enough to count. Make it clear what kind of object you are hiding beforehand. For example, one player may choose coins and the other may choose dice. If you can't find something convenient to hide, write numbers on a piece of paper and reveal the numbers. Make sure the numbers are unambiguous (for example, underline a 6 or 9 so it can't be misread).
  • 2007-02-01 If you attempt to halve a negative life total, you halve 0. This means that the life total stays the same. A life total of -10 would remain -10.

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Foreign names
  • Goblin-Roulette
  • Jeu de gobelin
  • Gioco Goblin
  • ゴブリンのゲーム
  • Jogo Goblin
  • Juego trasgo