Zada's Commando

Zada's Commando {1}{R}

Creature - Goblin Archer Ally
First strike
Cohort{T}, Tap an untapped Ally you control: Zada's Commando deals 1 damage to target opponent or planeswalker.
"There's a word for someone who brings too much gear to battle: 'survivor.'"
—Zada of Slab Haven
  • Artist: Zack Stella
  • Rarity: common (RB)
  • Collector Number: 1106
  • Released: 2019-11-07
  • 2016-01-22 To activate a cohort ability, the Ally with that ability must have been under your control continuously since the beginning of your most recent turn. Informally, it can't have "summoning sickness." However, the other Ally you tap can be one that just came under your control. (Note that tapping the second Ally doesn't use {T} [the tap symbol].)

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Foreign names
  • 查妲的突击队
  • 查妲的突擊隊
  • Zadas Kommando
  • Commando de Zada
  • Commando di Zada
  • ザダの猛士
  • 자다의 특공대
  • Comando de Zada
  • Снайпер Зады
  • Comando de Zada