Unglued contains 88 cards.
Released: 1998-08-11
Charm School

Charm School {2}{w}

Enchant Player
When Charm School comes into play, choose a color and balance Charm School on your head.
Prevent all damage to you of the chosen color.
If Charm School falls off your head, sacrifice Charm School.
The Cheese Stands Alone

The Cheese Stands Alone {4}{w}{w}

If you control no cards in play other than The Cheese Stands Alone and have no cards in your hand, you win the game.
The meat, on the other hand, has frequent visitors.
Double Dip

Double Dip {4}{w}

Choose another player. Gain 5 life now and an additional 5 life at the beginning of the next game with that player.
In a duel and taking a lickin' . . .
Get a Life

Get a Life {w}

Target player and each of his or her teammates exchange life totals.
Gimme five! (Or whatever you got.)
I'm Rubber, You're Glue

I'm Rubber, You're Glue {w}{w}

Speak only in rhyming sentences. If you do not, sacrifice I'm Rubber, You're Glue.
Say "I'm rubber, you're glue. Everything bounces off me and sticks to you": Target spell or ability, which targets only you, targets another player of your choice instead. (The new target must be legal.)
Knight of the Hokey Pokey

Knight of the Hokey Pokey {w}{w}

Creature - Knight
First strike
{1}{W}, Do the Hokey Pokey (Stand up, wiggle your butt, raise your hands above your head, and shake them wildly as you rotate 360 degrees): Prevent all damage to Knight of the Hokey Pokey from any one source.
That's what it's all about.

Lexivore {3}{w}

Creature - Beast
If Lexivore damages any player, destroy target card in play, other than Lexivore, with the most lines of text in its text box. (If more than one card has the most lines of text, you choose which of those cards to destroy.)
Plucking the chicken
—Elvish expression meaning "flinging the monkey"
Look at Me, I'm the DCI

Look at Me, I'm the DCI {5}{w}{w}

Ban one card, other than a basic land, for the remainder of the match. (For the remainder of the match, each player removes from the game all copies of that card in play or in any graveyard, hand, library, or sideboard.)
Few understand the DCI's rigorous decision-making process.
Mesa Chicken

Mesa Chicken {w}{w}

Creature - Chicken
Stand up, Flap your arms, Cluck like a chicken: Mesa Chicken gains flying until end of turn.
"Lo! lord of layers proudly comb-crested
Hero to hens father to feathers
Crowing sun-caller weaver of wattle
Elder to eggs."
—Rooster Saga
Miss Demeanor

Miss Demeanor {3}{w}

Creature - Lady of Proper Etiquette
Flying, first strike
During each other player's turn, compliment that player on his or her game play or sacrifice Miss Demeanor.
Even war can be civil.
Once More with Feeling

Once More with Feeling {w}{w}{w}{w}

Remove Once More with Feeling from the game as well as all cards in play and in all graveyards. Each player shuffles his or her hand into her or his library, then draws seven cards. Each player's life total is set to 10.
DCI ruling: This card is restricted. (You cannot play with more than one in a deck.)
If yo . . . ted.
Prismatic Wardrobe

Prismatic Wardrobe {w}

Destroy target card that does not share a color with clothing worn by its controller. You cannot choose an artifact or land card.
"Spring in Dominaria means pastels!"
—Excerpt from Mage's Home Journal
Sex Appeal

Sex Appeal {w}

Prevent up to 3 damage total to any number of creatures and/or players. If there are more players in the room of the opposite sex, prevent up to 3 additional damage total to any number of creatures and/or players.

Bureaucracy {3}{u}{u}

Pursuant to subsection 3.1(4) of Richard's Rules of Order, during the upkeep of each participant in this game of the Magic: The Gathering® trading card game (hereafter known as "PLAYER"), that PLAYER performs all actions in the sequence of previously added actions (hereafter known as "ACTION QUEUE"), in the order those actions were added, then adds another action to the end of the ACTION QUEUE. All actions must be simple physical or verbal actions that a player can perform while sitting in a chair, without jeopardizing the health and security of said PLAYER.
If any PLAYER does not perform all the prescribed actions in the correct order, sacrifice Bureaucracy and said PLAYER discards his or her complement of cards in hand (hereafter known as "HAND").

Censorship {u}

When Censorship comes into play, choose a CENSORED word.
Whenever any CENSORED player says the chosen CENSORED word, Censorship deals 2 CENSORED damage to him or her.
Editor's note: There were no suitable flavor text submissions for this card.
Checks and Balances

Checks and Balances {2}{u}

Whenever any spell is played, counter that spell if each player, other than the caster and his or her teammates, agrees to choose and discard a card. Those players must discard those cards after agreeing.
Checks and Balances may be played only in a game with three or more players.
Chicken a la King

Chicken a la King {1}{u}{u}

Creature - Chicken
Whenever a 6 is rolled on a six-sided die, put a +1/+1 counter on each Chicken in play. (You may roll dice only when a card instructs you to.)
Tap a Chicken you control: Roll a six-sided die.
During the Chicken Revolution, the king managed to keep his head while the others—well, just ran around.

Clambassadors {3}{u}

Creature - Clamfolk
If Clambassadors damages any player, choose an artifact, creature, or land you control. That player gains control of that artifact, creature, or land.
"Sorry we shelled your village—here's some gold."

Clam-I-Am {2}{u}

Creature - Clamfolk
Whenever you roll a 3 on a six-sided die, you may reroll that die.
The Clams down in Clamville
All scootered and skittled—
"The three is no more!"
The Clam fiddler fiddled.
Clam Session

Clam Session {1}{u}{u}

Creature - Clamfolk
When Clam Session comes into play, choose a word.
During your upkeep, sing at least six words of a song, one of which must be the chosen word, or sacrifice Clam Session. You cannot repeat a song.
"Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Pearl . . . ."
Common Courtesy

Common Courtesy {2}{u}{u}

Counter any spell unless its caster asks your permission to play that spell. If you refuse permission, Sacrifice Common Courtesy and counter the spell.
"You didn't say the Magic word."

Denied! {u}

Play Denied only as any opponent casts target spell. Name a card, then look at all cards in that player's hand. If the named card is in the player's hand, counter target spell.
"Don't worry about it. It happens to every mage sooner or later."
Double Take

Double Take {3}{u}{u}

Choose another player. Draw two cards now and draw an additional two cards at the beginning of the next game with that player.
"But next time we meet, . . ."
Fowl Play

Fowl Play {2}{u}

Enchant Creature
Enchanted creature loses all abilities and is a 1/1 creature that counts as a Chicken.
"I feel like chicken tonight!"

Free-for-All {3}{u}

When Free-for-All comes into play, set aside all creatures in play, face down.
During each player's upkeep, that player chooses a creature card at random from those set aside in this way and puts that creature into play under his or her control.
If Free-for-All leaves play, put each creature still set aside this way into its owner's graveyard.