Judge Gift Program

Judge Gift Program contains 100 cards.
Released: 1998-06-01
Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt {R}

Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to any target.
Stroke of Genius

Stroke of Genius {X}{2}{U}

Target player draws X cards.
After a hundred failed experiments, Urza was stunned to find that common silver passed through the portal undamaged. He immediately designed a golem made of the metal.
Gaea's Cradle

Gaea's Cradle

Legendary Land
{T}: Add {G} for each creature you control.
"Here sprouted the first seedling of Argoth. Here the last tree will fall."
—Gamelon, Citanul elder
Memory Lapse

Memory Lapse {1}{U}

Counter target spell. If that spell is countered this way, put it on top of its owner's library instead of into that player's graveyard.
"Um...oh...what was I saying?"
—Reveka, wizard savant

Counterspell {U}{U}

Counter target spell.
Vampiric Tutor

Vampiric Tutor {B}

Search your library for a card, then shuffle your library and put that card on top of it. You lose 2 life.
Ball Lightning

Ball Lightning {R}{R}{R}

Creature - Elemental
At the beginning of the end step, sacrifice Ball Lightning.
"Life, struck sharp on death, Makes awful lightning." - Elizabeth Barrett Browning, "Aurora Leigh"
Oath of Druids

Oath of Druids {1}{G}

At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player chooses target player who controls more creatures than they do and is their opponent. The first player may reveal cards from the top of their library until they reveal a creature card. If the first player does, that player puts that card onto the battlefield and all other cards revealed this way into their graveyard.
Hammer of Bogardan

Hammer of Bogardan {1}{R}{R}

Hammer of Bogardan deals 3 damage to any target.
{2}{R}{R}{R}: Return Hammer of Bogardan from your graveyard to your hand. Activate this ability only during your upkeep.
Tradewind Rider

Tradewind Rider {3}{U}

Creature - Spirit
{T}, Tap two untapped creatures you control: Return target permanent to its owner's hand.
"'Tis a shame, in such a tempest, to have but one anchor."
—Laurence Sterne, Tristram Shandy

Intuition {2}{U}

Search your library for three cards and reveal them. Target opponent chooses one. Put that card into your hand and the rest into your graveyard. Then shuffle your library.
Argothian Enchantress

Argothian Enchantress {1}{G}

Creature - Human Druid
Whenever you cast an enchantment spell, draw a card.
Living Death

Living Death {3}{B}{B}

Each player exiles all creature cards from their graveyard, then sacrifices all creatures they control, then puts all cards they exiled this way onto the battlefield.

Armageddon {3}{W}

Destroy all lands.
"'O miserable of happy! Is this the end/ Of this new glorious world... ?'"
—John Milton, Paradise Lost

Balance {1}{W}

Each player chooses a number of lands they control equal to the number of lands controlled by the player who controls the fewest, then sacrifices the rest. Players discard cards and sacrifice creatures the same way.
Time Warp

Time Warp {3}{U}{U}

Target player takes an extra turn after this one.
"Let's do it again!"
—Squee, goblin cabin hand
Phyrexian Negator

Phyrexian Negator {2}{B}

Creature - Horror
Whenever Phyrexian Negator is dealt damage, sacrifice that many permanents.
They exist to cease.
Deranged Hermit

Deranged Hermit {3}{G}{G}

Creature - Elf
Echo {3}{G}{G}
When Deranged Hermit enters the battlefield, create four 1/1 green Squirrel creature tokens.
Squirrel creatures get +1/+1.
Hermit Druid

Hermit Druid {1}{G}

Creature - Human Druid
{G}, {T}: Reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a basic land card. Put that card into your hand and all other cards revealed this way into your graveyard.
Seeking the company of plants ensures that your wits will go to seed.
Gemstone Mine

Gemstone Mine

Gemstone Mine enters the battlefield with three mining counters on it.
{T}, Remove a mining counter from Gemstone Mine: Add one mana of any color. If there are no mining counters on Gemstone Mine, sacrifice it.

Regrowth {1}{G}

Return target card from your graveyard to your hand.
Sol Ring

Sol Ring {1}

{T}: Add {C}{C}.
Mishra's Factory

Mishra's Factory

{T}: Add {C}.
{1}: Mishra's Factory becomes a 2/2 Assembly-Worker artifact creature until end of turn. It's still a land.
{T}: Target Assembly-Worker creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
Exalted Angel

Exalted Angel {4}{W}{W}

Creature - Angel
Whenever Exalted Angel deals damage, you gain that much life.
Morph {2}{W}{W}
"She is a theme of honor and reknown, ...Whose present courage may beat down our foes."
—William Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida
Grim Lavamancer

Grim Lavamancer {R}

Creature - Human Wizard
{R}, {T}, Exile two cards from your graveyard: Grim Lavamancer deals 2 damage to any target.
"Fools dig for water, corpses, or gold. The earth's real treasure is far deeper."