Masters Edition IV

Masters Edition IV contains 269 cards.
Released: 2011-01-10
Maze of Ith

Maze of Ith

{T}: Untap target attacking creature. Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to and dealt by that creature this turn.

Braingeyser {X}{U}{U}

Target player draws X cards.
In the Eye of Chaos

In the Eye of Chaos {2}{U}

World Enchantment
Whenever a player casts an instant spell, counter it unless that player pays {X}, where X is its converted mana cost.
Control Magic

Control Magic {2}{U}{U}

Enchantment - Aura
Enchant creature
You control enchanted creature.
Naked Singularity

Naked Singularity {5}

Cumulative upkeep {3}
If tapped for mana, Plains produce {R}, Islands produce {G}, Swamps produce {W}, Mountains produce {U}, and Forests produce {B} instead of any other type.

Weakness {B}

Enchantment - Aura
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature gets -2/-1.
Armageddon Clock

Armageddon Clock {6}

At the beginning of your upkeep, put a doom counter on Armageddon Clock.
At the beginning of your draw step, Armageddon Clock deals damage equal to the number of doom counters on it to each player.
{4}: Remove a doom counter from Armageddon Clock. Any player may activate this ability but only during any upkeep step.
Water Elemental

Water Elemental {3}{U}{U}

Creature - Elemental
Unpredictable as the sea itself, water elementals shift without warning from tranquility to tempest. Capricious and fickle, they flow restlessly from one shape to another, expressing their moods with their physical forms.
Scavenger Folk

Scavenger Folk {G}

Creature - Human
{G}, {T}, Sacrifice Scavenger Folk: Destroy target artifact.
Animate Artifact

Animate Artifact {3}{U}

Enchantment - Aura
Enchant artifact
As long as enchanted artifact isn't a creature, it's an artifact creature with power and toughness each equal to its converted mana cost.
Living Wall

Living Wall {4}

Artifact Creature - Wall
{1}: Regenerate Living Wall.
Some fiendish mage had created a horrifying wall of living flesh, patched together from a jumble of still-recognizable body parts. As we sought to hew our way through it, some unknown power healed the gaping wounds we cut, denying us passage.

Weakstone {4}

Attacking creatures get -1/-0.
During the brothers' childhood, Tocasia took them to explore the sacred cave of Koilos. There, in the Hall of Tagsin, Mishra discovered the mysterious weakstone.
Wicked Pact

Wicked Pact {1}{B}{B}

Destroy two target nonblack creatures. You lose 5 life.


Land - Mountain Forest
({T}: Add {R} or {G}.)


Land - Plains Island
({T}: Add {W} or {U}.)

Lifeforce {G}{G}

{G}{G}: Counter target black spell.
Goblin Caves

Goblin Caves {1}{R}{R}

Enchantment - Aura
Enchant land
As long as enchanted land is a basic Mountain, Goblin creatures get +0/+2.
Hasran Ogress

Hasran Ogress {B}{B}

Creature - Ogre
Whenever Hasran Ogress attacks, it deals 3 damage to you unless you pay {2}.
Argothian Treefolk

Argothian Treefolk {3}{G}{G}

Creature - Treefolk
Prevent all damage that would be dealt to Argothian Treefolk by artifact sources.
Library of Alexandria

Library of Alexandria

{T}: Add {C}.
{T}: Draw a card. Activate this ability only if you have exactly seven cards in hand.
Clockwork Gnomes

Clockwork Gnomes {4}

Artifact Creature - Gnome
{3}, {T}: Regenerate target artifact creature.
"Until I came to the Floating Isle, I never had to oil the servants."
—Baki, wizard attendant
Elephant Graveyard

Elephant Graveyard

{T}: Add {C}.
{T}: Regenerate target Elephant.
Strip Mine

Strip Mine

{T}: Add {C}.
{T}, Sacrifice Strip Mine: Destroy target land.
Unlike previous conflicts, the war between Urza and Mishra made Dominia itself a casualty of war.

Kismet {3}{W}

Artifacts, creatures, and lands your opponents control enter the battlefield tapped.
"Make people wait for what they want, and you have power over them. This is as true for merchants and militia as it is for cooks and couples."
—Gwendlyn Di Corci
Champion Lancer

Champion Lancer {4}{W}{W}

Creature - Human Knight
Prevent all damage that would be dealt to Champion Lancer by creatures.
The flash of his lance projects the pure radiance of his honor.