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Dimensional Breach

Dimensional Breach {5}{W}{W}

Exile all permanents. For as long as any of those cards remain exiled, at the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player returns one of the exiled cards they own to the battlefield.
  • Scourge

Backdraft {1}{R}

Choose a player who cast one or more sorcery spells this turn. Backdraft deals damage to that player equal to half the damage dealt by one of those sorcery spells this turn, rounded down.
  • Legends
Skyhunter Patrol

Skyhunter Patrol {2}{W}{W}

Creature - Cat Knight
Flying, first strike
"We leonin have come to rule the plains by taking to the skies."
—Raksha Golden Cub

Earthlore {G}

Enchantment - Aura
Enchant land you control
Tap enchanted land: Target blocking creature gets +1/+2 until end of turn. Activate this ability only if enchanted land is untapped.
"Even the ground is our friend."
—Kolbjörn, Elder Druid of the Juniper Order
  • Ice Age
Soldevi Excavations

Soldevi Excavations

If Soldevi Excavations would enter the battlefield, sacrifice an untapped Island instead. If you do, put Soldevi Excavations onto the battlefield. If you don't, put it into its owner's graveyard.
{T}: Add {C}{U}.
{1}, {T}: Scry 1.
Necropotence Avatar

Necropotence Avatar

Skip your draw step.
At the beginning of your end step, if it's not the first turn of the game, put a death counter on Necropotence Avatar. You draw X cards and you lose X life, where X is the number of death counters on Necropotence Avatar.
ME2 Prize Avatar
Hand size bonus: 0
Life bonus: 4
  • Vanguard
Rusted Sentinel

Rusted Sentinel {4}

Artifact Creature - Golem
Rusted Sentinel enters the battlefield tapped.
It has to deliberate a moment on the best way to break your face.
  • Magic 2012
Groundling Pouncer

Groundling Pouncer {1}{G/U}

Creature - Faerie
{G/U}: Groundling Pouncer gets +1/+3 and gains flying until end of turn. Activate this ability only once each turn and only if an opponent controls a creature with flying.
Endry was determined to teach his groundlings a few winged-faerie tricks.
  • Eventide
Disruptive Pitmage

Disruptive Pitmage {2}{U}

Creature - Human Wizard
{T}: Counter target spell unless its controller pays {1}.
Morph {U}
"Show weakness to hide your strength."
  • Onslaught
Mnemonic Wall

Mnemonic Wall {4}{U}

Creature - Wall
When Mnemonic Wall enters the battlefield, you may return target instant or sorcery card from your graveyard to your hand.
"It augments anamnesis. What is so confusing about that?"
—Perisophia the philosopher
Whipstitched Zombie

Whipstitched Zombie {1}{B}

Creature - Zombie
At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice Whipstitched Zombie unless you pay {B}.
Pity the tailor.
  • Prophecy
Harbinger of Spring

Harbinger of Spring {4}{G}

Creature - Spirit
Protection from non-Spirit creatures
Soulshift 4
  • Betrayers of Kamigawa
Trace of Abundance

Trace of Abundance {R/W}{G}

Enchantment - Aura
Enchant land
Enchanted land has shroud.
Whenever enchanted land is tapped for mana, its controller adds an additional one mana of any color.
  • Alara Reborn
Font of Fertility

Font of Fertility {G}

{1}{G}, Sacrifice Font of Fertility: Search your library for a basic land card, put it onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library.
Drink deep, and know the path to the heart of the wilds.
Leech Bonder

Leech Bonder {2}{U}

Creature - Merfolk Soldier
Leech Bonder enters the battlefield with two -1/-1 counters on it.
{U}, {Q}: Move a counter from target creature onto a second target creature.
Some don't know his face, but his pets are a dead giveaway.
  • Shadowmoor
Simian Brawler

Simian Brawler {3}{G}

Creature - Ape Warrior
Discard a land card: Simian Brawler gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
"It's odd to see the apes rip down trees to arm themselves in defense of their forests."
—Taaveti of Kelsinko, elvish hunter
  • Coldsnap
Chittering Rats

Chittering Rats {1}{B}{B}

Creature - Rat
When Chittering Rats enters the battlefield, target opponent puts a card from their hand on top of their library.
Bottom feeders sometimes rise to the top.
  • Darksteel
Mairsil, the Pretender

Mairsil, the Pretender {1}{U}{B}{R}

Legendary Creature - Human Wizard
When Mairsil, the Pretender enters the battlefield, you may exile an artifact or creature card from your hand or graveyard and put a cage counter on it.
Mairsil, the Pretender has all activated abilities of all cards you own in exile with cage counters on them. You may activate each of those abilities only once each turn.
  • Commander 2017
Sorin Markov

Sorin Markov {3}{B}{B}{B}

Legendary Planeswalker - Sorin
[+2]: Sorin Markov deals 2 damage to any target and you gain 2 life.
[-3]: Target opponent's life total becomes 10.
[-7]: You control target player during that player's next turn.
Lay Bare the Heart

Lay Bare the Heart {1}{B}

Target opponent reveals their hand. You choose a nonlegendary, nonland card from it. That player discards that card.
"True intentions lie not in the head but in the heart."
—Bontu, god of ambition
  • Amonkhet
Sulfurous Blast

Sulfurous Blast {2}{R}{R}

Sulfurous Blast deals 2 damage to each creature and each player. If you cast this spell during your main phase, Sulfurous Blast deals 3 damage to each creature and each player instead.
The Keldons used the toxic vents in the cracked earth to bolster their home's defenses.
Blood Tithe

Blood Tithe {3}{B}

Each opponent loses 3 life. You gain life equal to the life lost this way.
The Crimson Throne may be empty, but its coffers are full.
  • Magic 2011
Caldera Hellion

Caldera Hellion {3}{R}{R}

Creature - Hellion
Devour 1
When Caldera Hellion enters the battlefield, it deals 3 damage to each creature.
  • Shards of Alara
Indrik Stomphowler

Indrik Stomphowler {4}{G}

Creature - Beast
When Indrik Stomphowler enters the battlefield, destroy target artifact or enchantment.
"An indrik's howl has destructive power much subtler than that of its crushing foot. The sound is mundane, but inaudible vibrations scatter and sunder magical contrivances."
—Simic research notes
Carrion Ants

Carrion Ants {2}{B}{B}

Creature - Insect
{1}: Carrion Ants gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
"War is no picnic," my father liked to say. But the ants seemed to disagree.